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Decide to Sell

So you have decided to sell your property. Before anything else, it is a good idea to sit down and clarify your motivations and draw up a basic time frame for the selling process.

Selling Your Home?

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Zingleman Realty has been selling homes in metro Atlanta for more than a decade.  We know that selling a home can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.  Our home selling process combines a proven 10 Key Marketing Strategy and Home Seller’s Guarantee to ensure that you will receive the highest possible level of service and that your home will sell faster, and for more money.

Why Sell?

Think it might be time to sell your home? Before you move forward you should clearly define your motivation for selling. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a larger home, relocate to a new school district, city or state; or are an empty-nester looking to downsize; your motivation for selling will determine the sales strategy for your home.

When Should I Sell?

The short answer is when you need to. Numerous factors play into this decision. A seller that needs a quick turnaround may need to be more aggressive with their pricing strategy and more flexible in negotiations than a seller that isn’t on a short deadline. Work with your realtor to find the right marketing strategy to sell your home on a timeline that works for you.

What Is The Market Like?

Our knowledgeable team of real estate agents will work with you to better understand current market conditions and build a marketing plan tailored to your unique needs.

How Do I Optimize My Finances?

Carefully consider your current and potential financial situation when making the decision to sell. Your real estate agent will help you understand all the factors that go into selling your home and estimate your net proceeds from the sale.

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