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Join the Zingleman Realty Team Today!

Want to Keep More of Your Commission?

You’ve learned your market, developed your skills and built your network, shouldn’t you keep most of your commission?

Who We Are:

Zingleman Realty has been serving the metro Atlanta area for more than 20 years; providing unmatched service and value to our customers.

Our mission is to provide every customer with the highest level of service – every time.  This means that all of our agents uphold the highest levels of integrity and customer service at all times.

What We Offer

Commission Example: $400,000 Sale at 3%

Total Commission = $12,000

Less FMLS Fee (0.0012) – $480

Less 10% Transaction Fee – $1,200

You Keep = $10,320

Lead Generation Program

Zingleman Realty is constantly growing it’s lead generation program to provide pre-qualified hot leads to our agents.  We currently offer a 60/40 commission split on leads we provide to our agents.

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