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Home Seller’s Guarantee

Zingleman Realty’s

Home Seller’s Guarantee

The Zingleman Realty team is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service to all our clients.  These five simple Home Seller’s Guarantees ensure that any seller that lists their home with Zingleman Realty will receive a level of service excellence far above that offered by other real estate brokerages.

No Risk Contract

If at any point during the contract period you are not satisfied with my performance, you can fire me at no cost to yourself.

Communication Guarantee

I will contact you at least once a week to update you on feedback from your listing, updates on market conditions, and any other important information; good, bad, or ugly.

Smart Seller Guarantee

Never wonder ‘what’s next?’ From the beginning of the process to closing I wil ensure sellers are well informed on every step of the home selling process.

Gold Quality Guarantee

From professional signage to our proven marketing strategy including the highest quality marketing materials, I guarantee that every seller will receive the highest possible level of service.

Qualified Buyer Guarantee

Every potential buyer will be pre-qualified to minimize the risk of accepting an offer from an unqualified buyer.



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