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Some Home Improvement Projects Can be Cheaper in Summer

Article From By: Courtney Craig: Published: August 12, 2011

Summer is traditionally the time when home improvement projects get done, but did you know that summer renovations can be cheaper, too? Check out these summer home improvement projects! has a list of five home renovation projects that are cheaper or more efficient to do in the summer, and while some of them are obvious — landscaping and installing an in-ground pool, for example — others are somewhat surprising.

Here are some great summer home improvement projects that can add curb appeal and value to your home.

Summer Home Improvement Projects:

1. Driveway paving:

Asphalt is easier to work with in high temperatures — the crew can more easily spread it around to form an even surface. No lumps mean no re-dos.

Spruce up the appearance of your home with summer home improvement projects.

2. Summer Home Improvement on the interior: Kitchen remodeling:

Instead of being forced to eat out while your kitchen is being renovated, in the summer you can grill most of your meals. But do a little advance planning: January and February, the author says, are good times to buy your materials because retailers offer sales to move unsold holiday inventories.

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3. Additions:

Adding a room means exposing your home to the elements. But in the summer, that’s less of an issue and crews can work faster.

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What summer home improvement projects are you completing?

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